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Screen Shot Attachment Control

This control provides a button that when clicked attaches an image that is currently in the clipboard.

Screen Shot Control

Note: The button can be anywhere on the work item screen, it is not tied to the File Attachments tab.

Before the image is attached, you will be able to crop and mark up the screen shot using the Image Editor.

Screen Shot Control Image Editor

Use the File name and Description fields in the Image editor to provide meta data for the attachment.

For more details on the command available in the Image Editor, please see Image Editor.

To get the button to display on the File Attachments tab, you will need to modify the work item definition as follows:

        <Tab Label="File Attachments">
                <Column PercentWidth="99">
                    <Control Type="AttachmentsControl"/>
                    <Column FixedWidth="120">
                        <Control Type="ScreenShotWorkItemControl"/>

You will then need to import the work item definition file into your project, for more information and some handy hints about this, please see Uploading WIT definitions.

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