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Uploading Work Item Definitions

Use the * witimport.exe * command to modify a work item description in an existing project, see MSDN
You could use the process template editor, but I've had a few problems where the editors validation has failed when it came to my custom controls.

I use the following batch file to load a bug description into my MSF Agile project:

call "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcvarsall.bat" x86

echo Uploading Bug.XML to TFSVPC

witimport /f Bug.xml /t http://tfsvpc:8080 /p Test


It assumes that your wit definition is in a file called bug.xml your server is called tfsvpc and the project is called Test.
Note: the first line just sets up the environment variables and effectly turns the command prompt session into a Visual Studio Command Prompt.

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