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Server Configuration

This dialog allows you to specify the TFS, the project and the work item type that should be used to report any defects that IEeee will create. To display this dialog, use the change button on the Bug Description dialog.

Server Configuration Dialog

Server Select the server from a list of servers registered on this PC
Add Use the Add button to display the Add New Server dialog to register additional TFSs. These will then be listed in the Servers drop down list
Project Select the project where this defect is going to be created.
Work Item Type The type of work item that will be created by IEeee. Normally this will be of type bug, but some processes don't have a bug work item type. If you are using something like the SRCUM template, use the SprintBacklogItem work item type and use the Field Default Values feature of IEeee to automatically set the type field to Bug.

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