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Image Editor

This dialog allows you to modify the screen shot that will be attached to this defect report.

Image Editor.png

The following tools are available:

image_editor_rectangle.png Rectangle Tool Draw red rectangles on the image to highlight areas of interest.
image_editor_highlight.png Highlighter Use this tool to highlight part of the image (normally text). Click & hold the left mouse button, then just draw over the bits to highlight.
image_editor_crop.png Crop Tool Use this to only attach a sub section of the whole image. The area that will be saved is bordered in yellow and the deleted area will be grayed out. You can only have one crop per image.
image_editor_zoom.png Zoom Tool Left click in the image to zoom in. Right click to zoom out
image_editor_pan.png Pan Tool Use this tool to move round the image when zoomed in. Left click and drag the image.
image_editor_zoom_level.png Zoom Select the level of magnification you want.

The OK button will save the modified image. There is no way to undo this action. Once you press ok, the image will be permanently altered.
The Cancel button will discard any changes you have made to the image. The original image will not be modified and you can choose to edit it again.

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