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Field Default Values

Field Default Values are designed to save you having to type the same details into every work item you create. You can define default values for any of the fields on a work item and when the work item gets created, it will automatically be assigned these default values.

Examples are:
  • You are working on a specific area of your project, set the Area Path to this area to save you having to set it each time
  • The project is in Iteration 3, why have to type that in for every work item?
  • All bug are initially assigned to a specific user who will do your bug triage.
  • You only have one work item type where you set a field to the type of work item (e.g. defect, task, ...). Get Field Default Values to do this work for you - Note CodePlex and the Scrum for Team System process templates are examples of this.
  • You should be getting the idea by now :-)

In IEeee, use the Edit button on the Bug Description dialog to set define and turn on Field Default Values.

See Also Work Item Default Values Editor

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