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Default Value Editor

This dialog allows you to specify the value that will be assigned to a field in the specified work item

Use the Field drop down list to select the field that you want to specify a default value for. The data type for this field and any related help text will now be displayed.
The dialog provides support to validate that the specified value is allowed for this field. This means that the dialog works in different ways depending on the field data type.

For text and numeric values, an edit box is show to allow you to enter the default value. If this value is invalid for this field, the background of the edit box will change colour and a reason for the failure will be displayed.
Entering a text value

When the field has a defined set of allowed values, a drop down list will be displayed.
Selecting an allowed value

When the field is for the Area or Iteration, the path will need to be entered using the Path Selector dialog.
Selecting a Path

You will not be able to close this dialog using the OK button if the default value is not valid.
Note: Because the actual validation of a work item's field does depend on extra information that is not available at this time. For this reason, the validation on this dialog may succeed, but when you try and save the created work item, that validation might fail. e.g. The possible state transition depends on the state the work item is in. While using this dialog, there is no work item, so I can't validate the specified state transition is valid for any given work item.

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