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Bug Description

This dialog allows you to specify what information will be added to the defect report.
If IEeee! has been previously connected to a TFS, it will try and reconnect at this point. The OK button will only become enabled when it has been able to reconnect. If it can't reconnect you can use the Change button to connect to a different server.

IEeee will automatically gather extra information about the page that IE is displaying, this dialog allows you to decide what information should go into the defect report.

Bug Description Dialog

Title The tile for this defect report
Description More details of what happened
Screen Shot When you pressed the IEeee button, it to a screenshot of the browser, do you want to attach it to the defect report?(recommended)
Edit You can use the Image Editor to modify and mark up the screenshot to provide more information about this problem.
Script Files If there are any script files used in this page, do you want to attach them to the defect report? (recommended)
Source File To you want to include the html source for the page that is currently being displayed? (recommended)
Style Sheets Do you want to include and css files that the current page is using? (recommended if this is a problem with the appearance of the page)
Source for Fames & IFrames If this page contains any frames or iframes, do you want to include the source code from them? (recommended)
Browser Details Include extra information about the browser - browser version, screen size, OS, ...? (recommended). The drop down list allows you to choose which field you want to store this information in - the default is to append it to the end of the description field.
Apply Default Values IEeee allows you to set default values for any field in the work item (e.g. Area, Iteration, Assigned To, ...). Do you want to apply these defaults to this work item.
Edit Set the Field Default Values for this work item type using the Work Item Default Values Editor

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